Man, woman and child  in a suit that doesn’t fit

Man, woman and child  in a suit that doesn’t fit


Our Fruit tastes good until it turns rotten. 

Direction change
Direction change

Parenting……. We are the tree of life. We bare our fruit and hope it survives

How many years are we the guide. Then through this we are being guided too. Our Fruit, our babies, Our Children….. 💗

Hindsight is such a wonderful thing.. if only we could all get a practice run at parenting.. No doubt there are parenting 101 classes. There’s so much  irony to this.

We will become older than we are meant to be having children. 

Instinctively, we are created to bare children young. Bones are subtle, our body, hormones, organs and so much more is designed to re create. It’s so, in tact and running like clockwork before we need batteries to run this tired  clock….. our mind isn’t full of too much conventional or socially accepted laws, we are learning still and the innocence that comes with this is crucial to parenting. I believe anyway. 

Wisdom and smarts come from practice, Not perfection. Nobody has perfection….. I feel we need to do this with life’s stage show and really stuff up to feel the hard cruel lessons. 

There’s so many plain as day quotes that are fact

we can’t see light if we don’t have dark

How do we differentiate the two if there’s only one.

‘It can’t be dark if we only have light  dark does not exist  

Everything in life needs the opposite.