Man, woman and child  in a suit that doesn’t fit

Man, woman and child  in a suit that doesn’t fit


Experimenting with art. An artist IM NOT. hoping that splashes, lines, dots and colour can help me with visuals of feelings. 

The internal mess
The internal mess

A system that runs our body. The mechanics of life.     They can become tangled and messy. Can we internalise and repair it ?

The brain….nervous system, muscles, tendons, blood vessels veins and organs. 
They rely on each other like an electrical wiring system that keeps the power on…..

Power is seen as necessary to survive. Metaphorically speaking too
having power of yourself in an un egotistical way is paramount. 

Learning this in life and having the deep seeded questions that haunt me or us…. Is it too late ?  
Can I repair my damage?
is it repairable?

And, if it is….. How do we do it?
what tools do we need and where from?