Man, woman and child  in a suit that doesn’t fit

Man, woman and child  in a suit that doesn’t fit


A picture tells a thousand stories

The child is taught to look at a picture. Describe what you see. We are still that child

We don’t need a hundred word essay to understand everything. Scenarios need not be said or explained. Using image as a way of expression for me is worth more than words. 
Human behaviour, situations, emotions can all be recognised at a glimpse.

A child is taught from images or pictures. The stepping stones into the world of reality and sadly expectation. 

The inbuilt instincts we grow away from can be found. Regain the natural survivor in us. It’s there. That sound the noise in our subconscious so loud but ever so quiet.

Grab it, take hold. A journey of self discovery. Returning to our former self of dreams, visions, drive, enthusiasm.

The images we need to study. 
Look deep and tell me what you see.